Symaccess manages the host to LUN masking on a Symmetrix system.  From these commands a storage admin can add or remove storage to hosts.

Symaccess List commands Non-Disruptive

symaccess -sid 4321 list logins

Lists all HBA’s known by the array.  The output will indicate whether the HBA is logged into a specific port.

symaccess -sid 4321 list logins -wwn xxxx -v

Displays all ports HBA xxxx is logged in to.  Will also provide the time of the state change.

symaccess -sid 4321 list logins -dirport 4e:1

Lists all HBA’s logged into a specific FA port.

symaccess -sid 4321 list view -detail -v

Lists all Masking views and their associated Initiator groups, Storage groups and port groups.