SYMAUDIT commands display the log of config changes done on the array.  These commands are helpful when an unexpected configuration has taken place and you need to find out when / how it came about.  Also helpful to see if scheduled jobs are being received by the array as expected.

The output is usually large so its best to pipe the SYMAUDIT output to a text file.  Adding a -v and -text to the command will usually give more detail to the commands.


SYMAUDIT commands: Non-Disruptive

symaudit -sid 4321 list -text -v -start_date 01/20/2018 -end_date 01/26/2018

This is the main SYMAUDIT to use.  It give and in depth report of all config changes between the start_date and end_date.  

symaudit -sid 4321 show

shows the total number of records along with the time that SYMAUDIT started and its last entry.

symaudit -sid 4321 list -symdev_range 1000:1200 -v

Shows a detailed report only SYMAUDIT records pertaining to LUN’s between the device range 1000-1200.

symaudit -sid 4321 list -last_n 20

displayed the last 20 records in the SYMAUDIT file.

symaudit -sid 4321 list -funtion_class DevMask

List all the SYMAUDIT records related to Device Masking

symaudit -sid 4321 list -application_id SYMQOS

List all the symqos operation records from the SYMAUDIT log.